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Limited Liability Company "TEKNOSERVIS" was created in the reorganization of the State Corporation "Vector" in 2013.

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The 8th International Aviation and Space Salon " AVIASVIT XXI "
 (Ukraine, Kyiv, 27.09-01.10.2012)
Dear Sirs!

   On behalf of the Organizing committee I express you the most sincere respect and have the honor to invite you to participate in the 8th International Aviation and Space Salon “AVIASVIT-XXI” which will take place September 27th–October 1st, 2012, Kyiv ( “ANTONOV” State Aircraft Manufacturing Concern).
   The primary mission of “AVIASVIT-XXI” is to show aerospace technology manufacturers advances, to arrange conditions for companies promotion on the world market, to develop international cooperation in realization of large aerospace projects.
   Demonstration of aircraft engineering advances in the field of military, civil, transport aviation, aircrafts specialized in miniloads and weight record-breaking freights, crafts converted from airliners to cargo aircrafts, water bombers, ambulance airplanes etc, wide possibilities for light, ultra light aircrafts and helicopters display are the characteristic features of the Salon.
   “AVIASVIT-XXI” is an event which enables all the categories of parties concerned not only to get acquainted with modern models of aviation, missile and space technologies, equipment for airports and airdromes, armament modernization programs, but to ensure their partnership in supplies of constituent parts for aircrafts, missile and space systems, newest airborne equipment, materials and technics for high technology engineering as well.
   Participation in “AVIASVIT-XXI” becomes a great opportunity to set strong partnership with the Exhibitors and to establish cooperative aircraft manufacturing with Ukrainian companies which outputs have steady demand on the world market. This also concerns the engagement of foreign partners in technological renewal of production in Ukraine.
   Research and practice conferences and seminars on aerospace urgent topics and problems of high technology engineering, business meetings and round tables with the participation of state and business structures, Ukrainian and foreign scientific institutions heads and representatives, aircrafts, helicopters and other A/C demonstration flights, press conferences for journalists, presentations of Exhibitors companies, show programs will be held during the Salon working days.