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Limited Liability Company "TEKNOSERVIS" was created in the reorganization of the State Corporation "Vector" in 2013.

TOV "Teknoservis"

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Exposition of modern aviation and space machinery, units and components, airport equipment and services, technological processes, equipment and materials for machine-building;


Practical scientific conferences and seminars on vital aviation and space topics, science-absorbing machine-building issues, business meetings and round tables with participation of executives and representatives of state and commercial organizations, scientific institutions from Ukraine and abroad;


Demonstration flights of aircraft, press conferences for journalists, presentations of exhibiting companies, show programmes;

Expositions of enterprises, aviation show with demonstration flights of airplanes, gliders and other aircraft, press conferences and companies’ presentations, excursions, business and cultural programmes. Modern samples of machinery and technology, retro aircraft and functioning models of airplanes;

Scientific and technical symposiums and conferences, seminars and creative discussions, where tendencies and development trends of aviation and aeronautics in the ХХI century are defined;

The most trustworthy information at first hand about Ukrainian manufacturers and products for foreign partners.

The unique scientific and technical potential of Ukraine attracts to “AVIASVIT-XXI” professionals, who deal with aviation industry, space technologies and air transport. Aviation and space industry of Ukraine is one of the most highly technological branches of domestic industry and concentrates in itself the latest achievements of science and techniques. Due to experienced and highly-qualified experts, usage of the newest technologies and modern equipment Ukraine is capable of providing development and manufacture of airplanes, carrier rockets, spacecraft, aviation and missile engines, radio electronic equipment. This fact proves correct by development of a modern medium transport airplane AN-70, “Zenit 3SL” carrier rocket intended for delivery of satellites to space orbits for “Sea Launch” international project. Ukrainian small aircraft and balloons are widely used in agriculture, geodesy, hydrometeorology, monitoring of environmental condition. At present there are 36 airports which function in Ukraine and 17 of them have international pass points. Ukrainian airliners carry out flights to 35 countries of the world by 105 routes, international cargo air transportations have fast rates of development. Main aim of Salon – spreading of cooperation links between enterprises of aviation and space branch, promotion of domestic machinery to the international market, popularization of aviation among general public, especially youth.
One of the most priority trends of economical development is realization of scientific and technical programmes and projects in the field of science absorbing engineering, appearance of competitive technologies, equipment and tools on home market, growth of export potential. This gives rise to holding aviation and space salons in Ukraine enlisting leading enterprises and scientific institutions of aviation, space and machine-building branches from different countries of the world.


Location is distinguishing feature of “AVIASVIT-XXI” – exposition is situated on the territory of “Kyiv-Antonov” aerodrome (Gostomel).

Kyiv is generally recognised world centre of aircraft and rocket building and aeronautics: Ihor Sikorskyi, Petro Nesterov, Serhiy Korolyov, Oleh Antonov…“AVIASVIT-XXI” in Kyiv is tribute to traditions and step towards future.